Review – Experimental cocktail club – China Town

Having spent some walking past the door multiple times without even realising and with a little detective working with my mate google, we finally found the door… You literally would not have a clue that behind this shabby non-descript door, squished between a Chinese shop and restaurant would lead to one of London’s hidden bars.

After finding what we believed to be the entrance we gave it a few knocks and then a short wait later the door opened and we were let upstairs to the mirrored ceiling, low bar area with its bare brick walls.

We visited just after 6pm as a pre-theatre treat and were kindly greeted by the bar staff and were offered anywhere to sit, I believe it is reservation only 90% of the time but being 6pm on a Monday it was a great time to visit.

First off you are offered some refreshing cucumber water on the house while you then peruse the fine list of designer cocktails, now I am not a cocktail pro so a lot of what was on offer was a little over my head in respect to what I thought they may taste like.

However, if needed the staff were on hand to offer suggestions based on your personal tastes and so on so if worried by the list just ask and they are very helpful.

This is not a cheap bar by any means cocktails are around £13 plus going up to £200 for some of the signature vintage cocktails and beers around £6.5 a bottle, oh and they have a cheeky service charge also added on which we didn’t know about which I’d rather have not paid but still we had a great time.

But if you’re looking for something really fun, funky and hugely different then your standard cocktail joint then this is the place.

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