Review – Byron Burger – Charing Cross Road

Pricy & average beefy burgers

We visited yesterday late afternoon for a post drinking, pre theatre filler.

Being a Monday it was very quiet but that was perfect as we knew service would be speedy and we’d not been waiting longer than we’d like.

Staff were friendly and polite and again service was nice and quick but this was during a quiet period.

To start we ordered 12 buffalo wings with blue cheese dipping sauce, these were classic wings with a decent crunch and a classic buffalo sauce so not much different from any other American restraint but none the less still very tasty, good sized and decent value for the money £8.

Main I went for the B-REX and decided to double it up (eyes bigger than my belly) and my wife went for a single smoky, a side of bacon cheese fries and sweet potato fries.

Now I was under the assumption the burgers came out pink but mine was well done which sucked as I love my burger nice pink and dripping with all those burger juices, all of my toppings were on one side of the bun as well so eating it was a bit of an anti climax until I got to the side with all of my toppings on.

The Smoky was nicely cooked so a little pink as I was expecting along with as you’d expect from the name a decent smoky flavour from the cheese and sauce so maybe I did a bad order by doubling up and the chef then managed to overcook them?

In respect to flavour and texture the burgers were very dense and I believe was minced steak (what cut I am not sure) and tasted like a French steak hache so super meaty, maybe if it was not so over done it would have tasted better but I’d have to give it a 5 and there are much better burgers out there, I want the first bite of any burger to be a DAMN this burger is crazy but this unfortunately didn’t pass the test.

Fries were great and cooked in super fresh oil, the bacon cheese sauce was also really good so I’d get them again, the sweet pot fries again cooked well and got exactly what we thought we’d get so no complaints there.

Our bill came to £52 for a starter, one double burger, one single, two sides a large Perroni and bottle of cider which is kind of on par with other similar burger joints in London e.g. Patty and Bun, Meat Liquor, Honest Burger etc


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