Hangover food – McGlovers Sausage, Egg and Hash Brown Muffins

So it’s a Sunday morning, I’m hungover and I want a super tasty/naughty breakfast to pick me up for the day.

What’s in the fridge… Sausage meat and eggs
What’s in the pantry… Potatoes, onions and oh look muffins

It’s on! Time to make some sausage, egg and hash brown muffins and kick this hangover in its ass.

The below does involve some effort but trust me, your body will love you for it and so will your taste buds. I am not going to sugar coat it, these are unhealthy as hell, but you may as well finish the weekend as you started right?

Feeds 2 and can be increased as you wish.
Effort 3/5
Prep time 10-15 mins
Cook time 10 mins

Ingredients: –
1 Large or 2 Medium flowery potatoes e.g. King Edwards
1 Medium white onion
2 Slices of sausage meat 60g each roughly
2 Fresh medium eggs
2 Muffins halved
Sunflower Oil
Sauce of choice (Chili or brown for me)

Tools: –
Chefs ring a little larger than the muffin
Not too bad of a hangover
Large bowl

Method: –

Make a strong coffee; this is the 1st stage in the recovery process.

Using wet hands, flatten the sausage meat into the chefs ring to about 1-1.5cm thick.  This makes the sausage meat a lot less sticky to manage.

If you don’t have rings, you can use either a pint glass or just make rough rounds with your hands, the rings just make it easier.

Put these on a lightly oiled plate so they don’t stick and put to one side.

Fill a bowl with cold water, peel and grate the potato using the large grating holes, then place the grated potato into the cold water to wash off the starch.

You will have to give the potato a couple of washes in the water and leave it in the water until the onion is also grated.

Now peel, halve and grate the white onion (This will make your eyes water like hell).

Drain the potato, throw the onion in the same bowl and turn this out onto the middle of a kitchen towel.  Wrap the mixture up tightly, a bit like a vice, and squeeze out all of the water from the mixture.

Place back in the dried bowl, season with lots of salt and a little pepper.

Heat your oven to its lowest temperature with a baking tray in there to keep warm.

Put two tablespoons of sunflower oil into a pan, place the chefs ring in the pan and push the hash brown mixture into the rounds about an inch high.  Press down firmly and remove the ring.  Repeat for the 2nd hash brown and then heat the pan under a medium flame.

They need about 5 minutes a side and keep pressing them down with an egg flipper every now and then as they cook to get a good crust on them.

After 5 mins, flip and cook on the other side until cooked through, remove and put onto the warm baking tray and place back in the oven.

Now put the sausage meat rounds into the pan, these need 3-4 mins a side, again, flip and cook each side.

For the last 2 mins, toast the muffins and cook the eggs.

For the eggs, I use a chefs ring to break each one into so that they stay in a perfect circle, you can do the same or fry them as they are, it still tastes the same.

When ready place the muffin bases on a plate, spread some sauce over the base, place on the sausage, followed by the hash brown, egg, more sauce and the muffin top.

Retreat to your hangover den with coffee and muffin and enjoy.



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