Review – The Spicery Friday Night Curry Kit

This Friday night, being in the mood for a curry and fancying a bit of a date night with the Wife, we decided it was time to crack out one of our Friday Night Curry kits….

What is a Friday night curry kit I hear you ask?


Pretty much what you think it is; it’s a self-contained, letter boxed sized kit that has all of the spices, recipe, list of additional ingredients and run down of the recipes origin.


The kit contains enough spices for you to cook up a meal for four (two of us) that you probably wouldn’t even think exists, let alone choose to cook.  For example, this Friday we cooked Kristang Feng Curry with Acar Tumin, Sambal Belacan, braised cabbage, coconut rice and a watercress salad.


“Feng” is a special Kristang curry cooked at Christmas in Malaysia.  Usually made up of pig offal (we used finely chopped pork belly) and is stewed in a rich blend of the spices found in Malacca.


The Kristang used to rear pigs so that whenever a festive season came along, the animal would be slaughtered and the best parts sold with the remaining offal cooked in a vinegary spice stew, called Feng.


It’s akin to the Goan Sarapotel but the Goans use pig’s blood and intestines in their concoction of this vinegary stew (not included in the kit, thankfully….).


The dish can be kept for months and it is told that Goan and Portuguese sailors took it on their long voyages! Source of my fine facts. 


I had never heard of the Spicery before, until my very kind friend bought me a three-month subscription for Christmas.  They have a HUGE selection of kits so go check them all out as there is pretty much something for everyone.


Now if you’re like me, the choice was a really hard decision but hours later, once I had made my mind up many times over, I decided to go for the world Friday Night Curry Discoverer kit.  Every month I then had the joy of going online and picking my kit to be sent to me for that month, then after a few days, ‘boom’ it’s there on your floor after being delivered via the Royal Mail.


I’d say you have to be an average cook for these packs but they do a huge variety of recipe kits online, such as the big night in pack (feeds 8) if you are entertaining a large group, or the four person curry kits and more.


If you take away the beers that I bought to go with this dish, which let’s face it you wouldn’t not buy, then it came to a grand total of £15 with leftovers for the both of us.  I reckon at a push this would be the same for the four person recipe, minus the liquid refreshments.


Effort, I’d say 4-5 with the cook and prep taking up a good hour and a half.  Every kit will differ in effort and time but the value for money, and the fun you will have experimenting with a new dish that you have never had or experienced before, is 100% worth it.


Being that you don’t have to buy a subscription, I would thoroughly recommend giving it a go for an alternative date night dinner or even dinner with friends.  It’s something different so why not get out of your comfort zone and give them a go.


Link here for the lovely guys @ the Spicery.


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