Sunday Seafood Paella

Bring British brings with it the tradition of having a roast every Sunday.  Now for me as much as I love a rare
joint of roast beef with all of the trimmings and then retiring to the sofa because I have eaten for 4, this weekend I
had a vibe for something a little different and less of a hassle on the washing up front.

So this Sunday I decided that we should go Spanish, and what’s the most Spanish dish you can think of I hear you
say… Paella obviously!!

Don’t be put off with it being seafood, as if not a fan I would still say try this dish regardless, as all of the
flavours and textures are truly mouth-watering.  There is also a cheats option to this dish as well, by buying all
of the fish pre prepped there is really no excuse to back out of trying this.

This dish is a real eye pleaser so is best served directly from the pan for that wow factor!

Feeds 4 with an added side of bread or a fresh side salad.

Effort 3/5
Prep time 20 mins
Cook time 30-40 mins depending on pan and rice used

Ingredients :-
For the Paella
250g paella rice (see tips)
4 raw chorizo sausages sliced
10 raw king prawns de headed and peeled
2 nice chunks 100-150g of meaty white fish such as coley/monkfish
2 nice sized bits of squid, prepared and cut into rings
400g mussels in shell or around 150g of shelled mussel meat
1 large onion chopped
1 large red pepper chopped
4 cloves of garlic roughly chopped
100g frozen peas
1 tsp smoked paprika
3/4 tsp cayenne pepper
Handful of fresh parsley finely chopped
1/2 lemon
1 tbsp. olive oil

For the Fish Stock
750ml of fish stock from one cube
200ml of tinned chopped tomatoes
half a star anise

Paella pan/large pan
Pot to make stock
Tin foil or large baking tray to sit over paella pan

Chefs tips :-
Save some time if cooking for a crowd by prepping all of the ingredients and stock in the morning.
The rice can be substituted for Italian arborio rice or at a push, long grain rice.
If you want to save time and some effort buy pre prepped seafood from your fish counter or from the fish aisle.

Glovers tipple of choice :-
This dish is best served with a lovely bottle of Rioja, served room temperature ideally but it’s not too bad if a
little cold, or, if the sun is out shining, make a nice ice cold jug of sangria….

Method :-

Slice the chorizo into rings about 1/2 cm thick.

Roughly chop the onion, garlic and pepper put together to one side.

Prep the prawns by removing the heads, tails and peeling off the skins.

Prep the squid by removing the squid from its body, peel off the two ‘ears’ from the side of the body.

Run the back of a sharp knife from top to bottom of the housing and this will remove any remaining junk and then
remove the quill from inside (it feels like a bit of soft bone) then wash under cold water.

Slice off the tentacles just below the eyes and then remove the beak which is at the base of the tentacles.

Put the mussels into your sink, fill with cold water and using a sharp knife remove the rope or dirt from the
shells.  Any open shells tap with your knife and if they don’t close then discard them and place all cleaned, live
mussels into a bowl

Place all of the seafood in a bowl together until needed.

Put the spices into a little dish so you have them to hand when cooking.

To make the stock crumble a fish stock cube into one of your pots, add half a star anise, 200 ml or half a tin of
chopped tomatoes and 750ml of water then bring to a low simmer to warm through.

Now it’s time to get your cook on.

First thing is first pour yourself a nice glass of red, put on your favorite cooking tunes, then gather all of
your ingredients close to hand and put a medium flame on under your pan.

If using a paella pan it will be warm enough in a few seconds, so when ready thrown in the onions, pepper, garlic
and chorizo and cook this over a medium heat until the onion and peppers are nice and soft, while the chorizo gets
time to release all of its beautifully flavoured oil.

After 5-10 minutes when it’s all cooked down and soft, throw in the rice.  Give this a good stir for 20 seconds or
so and now drop in your spices, while giving it all a good mix around to coat all of the rice.

Time to add that fish stock.  Pour a little over 3/4 of the stock into the pan reserving a small amount as you may
need it later if the rice becomes too dry and if not fully cooked.

Bring it to a boil then turn down the heat so it is on a low simmer, stirring it every 5 minutes is so that
the stock cooks off and the rice has time to absorb all of these amazing flavours.

If serving with bread or a side salad, now is the time to whack on the oven or make your salad.

After 15 minutes the rice should be a little al dente having a nice little bite to it and around 3/4 of the
stock will have been absorbed.

Stir through your frozen peas and all of your seafood.  Give this a nice good stir to mix it all through and turn
the heat down to low.

Get your tinfoil or baking tray and place this over your pan.  In essence, you’re creating a lid so that the low heat will
steam open your mussels and cook all of your fish through.

This will take around 10 -15 minutes but I would check every 5, stir it all around and repeat until all of the
seafood is cooked through and the mussels (if shelled) are open.

Once ready to serve, remove the foil, squeeze over all of the lemon juice and sprinkle over all of the parsley to
taste and take your paella to the table to serve.

Top up your red or sangria and enjoy.


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