Halloumi and vegetable skewers with garlic oil

Now that British Summer has reared its head for the moment, I have finally been granted the chance to whip off the bbq cover for the first time this year!!

Hooray (that’s me being polite) I hear you all say….

In the hope that this was going to happen, I loaded up my fridge this weekend with a fresh block of halloumi, a small selection of store bought veg and our first ever home grown courgette, which was due its grand tasting.

So after being stuck behind two computer screens all day, counting down the hours until BBQ o’clock and wishing I was anywhere else but, 6pm finally landed.

I threw myself almost literally into the lift, ran across the car park and floored it home in the anticipation of getting my BBQ on the go….

This recipe below is super fresh, easy to make for a couple or a crowd and can be served as a side to a mountain of BBQ’d meat or as a lighter main.

You can mix it up with any kind of other veg and flavoured oils; it’s your shout as to how adventurous you get.

Feeds 2/4 depending on appetites

Ingredients :-
Block of Halloumi cut into cubes (with leftovers)
Bag of mixed peppers or a mix of 3 red and yellow chopped into chunks
Small red onions halved and quartered
White mushrooms halved
Courgette cut into rounds
Olive oil – a few good lugs
2 garlic cloves, crushed

4 6″ large skewers – if bamboo soak in water for 24hrs pre skewering
Basting brush

Chefs tips :-
Can be made a day in advance and ingredients doubled to feed a crowd

Effort 2/5
Prep time 15 mins
Cook time 20 mins

Method :-
Chop the Halloumi block into cubes whilst trying not to eat it as you do
Peel, halve and quarter the red onions
Chop the mushrooms in half
Slice the tops off the peppers and then slice the pepper along its sides which will save you getting the seeds everywhere
Then slice the peppers into decent sized chunks, about 1″
Slice the courgette into rounds
Now the fun part, without stabbing yourself, slide on a red onion quarter.  I find this a good barrier to prevent the other veg sliding off mid cooking
Add a halloumi cube, mushroom, 2 courgette slices, one mushroom and repeat until near the end of the skewer and top with an onion quarter
If not cooking straight away then put on a large serving place, cling film and fridge until ready

Now time to make the garlic oil
Put a few good lugs of olive oil into a dish
End and peel your garlic and crush into the dish
Give this a good stir and let sit for 5 mins or overnight

When ready to cook these lush kebabs, go fire up the BBQ and pre oil your grill to prevent any sticking.  If using coal, let the flames die down until you have nice grey coals and for gas run it up until it’s nice and hot.

While the Q is warming up, use your basting brush if you have one, if not use a teaspoon to drizzle a little of the flavoured oil over one side of the kebab and this will be the side you want to start with face down.

Once on the grill sizzling away, brush the top side with more of the oil and after 5-10 mins flip it to this side and then repeat turning frequently until all of your veg and cheese is cooked through and has a nice char all over.

Remove to your serving plate and let people help themselves or remove all veg and the cheese from their skewers into a nice serving bowl serve like this.



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